Current Exhibition

Audra Wolowiec: Concrete Sound

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Sheng-Ching Hsu, Yueh-Tzu Lin, Mohamed Shams

February 21, 7:30pm

Samn Johnson

February 22, 8pm

Anti Social Music
Solo premiere performances

Jen Baker - Harmonica Song for 2016 (performed by Roberta Michel)

Ty Citerman - Sorcery and Sedition for solo guitar (performed by Ty Citerman)

Will Holshouser - Twelve Statues in the Snow for solo accordion (performed by Will Holshouser)

Brad Kemp - Transparencies for solo electric bass and electronics (performed by Brad Kemp)

Eyal Maoz - Aliya for solo piano (performed by Dorothy Chan)

Pat Muchmore - Fr.XVIII.ƒ(ƒ(x)) for solo cello (performed by Pat Muchmore)

Barry Seroff - As Magnets for solo guitar (performed by Barry Seroff)

February 23, 7pm

Chase Kuesel Trio
Hannah Marks Quintet

February 27, 8pm

The Thicket
Thicket 11

February 28, 8pm

Blaise Siwula, Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Jon Panikkar

February 29, 8pm

Kazuki Yamanaka
Improvisor Gathering

March 4, 8pm
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Departure Duo
Marina Kifferstein + Meaghan Burke

Departure Duo presents a concert of repertoire written especially for soprano and double bass. We are very excited to premiere a new piece by Haukur Þór Harðarson and share some of our new and old(er) favorites from the repertoire.
Come and enjoy an evening in this high/low corner of the musical universe!!
Pied Beauty - Stephen Dembski
All mute things speak today - Lila Meretzky
Lotófagos - Beat Furrer
Poems for the Fire - Haukur Þór Harðarson with text by Sophie Fetokaki (world premiere!!!)
VULNERR - Dan Lewis
Vidi l'angelo nel marmo - Katherine Balch

Marina Kifferstein (violin) and Meaghan Burke (cello) will present some new pieces that they've been working on together!!

March 6, 8pm
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March 7, 8pm
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Triangulate the Landscape

March 8, 7pm
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Sarah Bernstein Quartet

March 10, 8pm

Monroe Golden

Approaching the end of a five-year residency in NYC, this concert of overtone-informed music — combining acoustic experimentation, proportional structures, and fanciful handiwork — features some of the musicians Monroe Golden has been privileged to work with during that span.

Compositions on the program explore overtone relationships in an equal-tempered context, natural harmonics of microtonally tuned fundamentals, non-systematic derivations from text, extended Just Intonation, and the juxtaposition of tuning and temperament systems with fixed media and controlled pitch drift.

March 12, 7:30pm
This Event is Supported by a Grant from New Music USA
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Ras Moshe Music Now!
March 14, 7pm

Ryan Messina
March 15, 8pm

Simon Hanes and Anthony Coleman
March 19, 8 pm
March 20, 8 pm

Nancy Kearin Quartet

Maarch 22, 3:30pm

Nicholas Rousseau

Loving and Losing Suite was written in Boston, MA in 2019, and The Reveries Suite is a newly composed suite based on Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “The Reveries of a Solitary Walker”

March 22, 7pm
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“Hocket” refers to a musical technique originating in the European medieval period, where a single melody is divided between two or more voices and one voice sounds while the other voice rests. This specific technique has seen a resurgence in contemporary American music of the 20th-21st century, particularly in the minimalist and post-minimalist styles. This project seeks to present works by living American composers who incorporate this technique in their work. Music by Augusta Read Thomas, Meredith Monk, Kirsten Broberg, Ken Thomson, David Biedenbender, Lei Liang and Marc Mellits.

March 28, 8pm
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Erez Aviram Trio
Shai Portugaly and the Band

March 29, 7pm

April 4, 8pm

Reuben Allen
April 5, 7pm

Weston Olencki
April 6, 8pm

Justin Lee

April 18, 2pm

Ensemble in Process

April 18, 8pm

Feurige Five
April 19, 3pm

Jacob Varmus
April 19, 7pm

Otonal Collective

April 25, 7:30pm

Isaac Levien
April 26, 7pm

Chloe Kim
April 29, 7pm

May 2, 8pm

Bowers Fader Duo
May 8, 8pm

June 6, 8pm