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Ken Butler Hybrid Instruments

December 6, 2017- February 17, 2018
exhibition extended through February

Ken Butler is an artist and musician whose Hybrid musical instruments, performances and other works explore the interaction and transformation of common and uncommon objects, altered images, and sounds as function and form collide in the intersection of art and music.

Butler is internationally recognized as an innovator of experimental musical instruments created from diverse materials including tools, sports equipment, and household objects. The idea of bricolage, essentially using whatever is “at hand”, is at the center of his art, encompassing a wide range of practice that combines assemblage art, live music, instrument design, performance art, theater, sculpture, installation, photography, film/video, graphic design, drawing, and collage.

Opening reception December 6, 6pm
with music by Ken Butler

Ken Butler at his opening

Hybrid Instruments

Guitar Drumhead Yardsticks (Hybrid Cubism), 2011, 60x40x1"

Blue Cubist Shoehorn, 2014, 33 x 13 x 2"

Torso, 2011, 60 x 40"

Hybrid Visions

Ken Butler in concert with
John JB Butler, Fima Ephron and Ben Perowsky

February 9, 8pm

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