Nicco Soffiato
and Zach Swanson

March 2, 8pm

Leah Asher
Nicolee Kuester

February 28, 7:30pm

Lucky Chaos
(Adam Caine and Michael Iantuonno)

February 25, 7pm

Michael Lee


February 25, 2pm

Bowers Fader Duo

February 24, 8pm

Raf Vertessen Quartet
with Anna Weber, Adam O'Farrill, Nick Dunston

February 17, 7pm

Virg Dzurinko
and Ryan Messina

February 16, 8pm

Maryanne de Prophetis

February 10, 8pm

Ken Butler

with John Butler, Fima Ephron and Ben Perowsky

February 9, 8 pm

Ben Sung

February 4, 2pm

Patricia Cardona

Flute and Electronics
February 3, 8pm

The Thicket

February 2, 8pm

Maryanne de Prophetis presents
Ken Filiano, solo bass
Virg Dzurinko, solo piano

January 27, 8pm

John P. Hastings Presents

The Former World is a multi-media essay on ‘deep time’, geologic history, the environment, humanity, and the artist.
The work uses two focal points: the life and writings of the artist Robert Smithson
and the writer John McPhee’s tome on American geologic history, Annals of the Former World.

January 21, 3pm
the former world

Dave Miller

Cataclysmic Commentary is a malleable and dynamic new trio of improvising musicians based in New York City. Living in a world of rapidly changing political and socio-economic permutations, they were founded with the premise of integrating these socio-political narratives into their work, sculpting every set according to the particular challenges of the time rathering than relying on an established book of rotely rehearsed material. This manifests in a diversity of repertoire from completely free improvisation, to compositions by members of the ensemble, to pieces by select influential musicians, to folk songs from around the world. All of the works directly relate to and portray a response to the challenges of our current epoch. Cataclysmic Commentary bring awareness and attention to the challenges faced as inhabitants of Planet Earth through a chameleon approach that is ever exploring, asking questions, and adapting accordingly through their music.

January 20, 8pm

Tetsuro Hoshii

Piano improvisation inspired by folk, jazz and America composers
January 14, 4pm

Jason Hwang

January 13

Chris DiMeglio

January 12, 8:30pm
facebook event

Percussion and Bassoon
In Transit
Koto, Viola, Bassoon/Shakuhachi

December 29, 7pm

Pearring Sound

Pearring Sound

December 17, 7pm

Roman Filiu and Musae

David Virelles, Adam Rogers, Maria Grand, Matt Brewer, Craig Weinrib and Mauricio Herrera
December 16, 8pm

Halycon Chamber Series

December 15, 8pm

Aleatoric Junkyard

December 13, 8pm

Sean Vigneau-Britt Trio

December 8, 8pm
facebook event

Ken Butler Hybrid Instruments

art opening
December 6, 6pm

Erik Carlson, Leah Asher, Wendy Richman, T.J. Borden
Frey Quartets

December 2, 7pm
Erik Carlson

Stratus Quartet

December 1, 8pm

Popebama and Rage Thormbones

November 29, 8pm
more info

Bassoon and Cello Duo

November 25, 7:30pm

4X Jazz Collective

November 19, 1:30pm
facebook event

Halcyon Chamber Series

November 17, 8pm

Kate Amrine

CD release concert
November 14, 7:30pm
facebook event

New York City Classical Guitar Sociey Open Mic
November 12, 6pm

Hotel Elefant

November 10, 7:30pm
facebook event

Zodiac Sax Quartet
Charlie Waters, Claire Daly, Sweet Lee Odom, Ras Moshe

The 12 Houses
Ar'Braf, Matt Lavelle, Ras Miguel, Nicole Davis, Art Baron, Julie Lyon, Sana Nagano,
Alex hamburger, Ras Moshe, Charles Waters, Sweet Lee Odom, Mary Cherney,
Anders Nilsson, Jack DeSalvo, Chris Forbes, Francois Grillot, Jeremy Carlstedt

November 5

Columbia Composers + Manhattan School of Music

November 4, 8pm

Mughal Muesli

November 3, 7:30pm

Ammon Swinbank & Friends
"Howling Winds"

October 31, 8pm

Leonor Falcón

October 27, 8pm

Allen Lowe

October 21, 8pm


October 20, 8pm

Halcyon Chamber Series
Charles Neidich

October 15, 3pm

Cisum Percussion
Composing for Percussion Worshops and Concerts Weekend

October 6, 8pm
October 7, 8pm
October 8, 4:30pm and 7pm
more info

The Thicket

"an evening of sundry performance"
September 29, 8pm

Wet Ink Ensemble

Celebrate the release of Alex Mincek's latest album "Torrent"

September 26, 7:30pm
facebook event

Cecilia Suhr

Cecilia Suhr

Art Opening
with violin performance by the artist at 6pm

September 23, 4pm

The Azerbaijan A/V Club

The Azerbaijan A/V Club

a performance of psychedelic video jazz with live instruments and immersive projections

September 22, 8pm

Departure Duo

September 20, 8pm

Halcyon Chamber Series

September 17, 3pm

4X Jazz Collective

September 16, 7:45pm

Anderson + Lane + Friends

September 15, 8pm

Audible Abstraction

September 8, 7:30pm

Tom Kotik
The Architecture of Sound

Improvisation (Scholes Street) 2017

 "In place of musical tones that reach the ear aurally, I compose objects that entice the eye to listen through color and form.  The shapes in my work are inspired by the architecture of sound."
exhibition information
Gallery open before and during all concerts and by appointment


Robert Dick/Adam Caine Duo

August 25, 8pm

Unseen Rain Records presents
Sumari and the Matt Lavelle Quartet

August 7, 7:30pm


Paula Shocron - Piano & Movement
Pablo Diaz - Drums & Percussion
Ras Moshe Burnett - Tenor Sax,Soprano Sax & Flute
Lee Odom
will join playing her fiery reeds at 9pm!
August 2, 8pm

Madison Greenstone

Caerulean for Solo Bass Clarinet
by Rebecca Saunders
Eau et Gaz à Tous les Etages for Solo Bass Clarinet by Lauri Supponen (world premier)
Lago Maggiore for Bass Clarinet and Electronics by Martin Rane Bauck (East Coast premier)
July 31, 8pm


July 28, 8pm
see FB event

7Songwriters: Concert One

July 24, 7:30pm

Michal Raymond Massoud

In ROLE/PLAY, everyone plays two roles: two of our featured composers, Nina C. Young and Matthew Ricketts will join their performers in a new work of controlled improvisation by
ensemble conductor Michal Massoud
The concert will also include chamber and solo works by Yair Klartag, Christian Wolff, and Ford Fourqurean.

July 8, 8pm

Halcyon Chamber Series
The Ulysses Quartet

July 7, 8pm

Music Now!

"Opening Blessing"
Anais Maviel

Music Now! Unit
"Tribute to Rashied Ali"
Ras Moshe Burnett, Charles Downs, John Pietaro, Dave Ross

Lindsey Wilson's "Human Hearts Trio"
Lindsey Wilson, Reggie Sylvester, Michael Trotman, with Daniel Carter

Music Now! Unit
"Sun Sounds"
Ras Moshe Burnett, Melanie Dyer-Bern Nix, Larry Roland, Luke Stewart, Sean Conly

Matt Lavelle's 12 Houses
Matt Lavelle, Francois Grillot, Stephanie Griffin, Sana Nagano, Art Baron, Charles Waters,
Jack DeSalvo, Chris Forbes, Lee Odom, Nicole Davis, Alex Hamburger

July 1, 6pm

Parker/Heinitsh/Brownell/Ritz Quartet

June 30, 8pm

Dennis Sullivan (percussion/electronics)
Weston Olencki (trombone/electronics)
Eric Wubbels (piano/accordion/electronics)

June 26, 8pm

Pearring Sound

Double Trio

June 24, 8pm

Tom Kotik, Robert Boston, Dave Miller with Daniel Carter

June 23, 8pm

Halcyon Chamber Series

June 20, 8pm

Pala Garcia, violin; John Popham, cello; Renate Rohlfing, piano

New-music piano trio Longleash teams up with Irish composer Adam McCartney on
a way after the fox’s backbone, a beautiful new work that explores the transmission of sound across gulfs of time and history, drawing inspiration from a myriad of cultural fragments of the past: Renaissance art work, musical memories from childhood, Middle English verse and song, and skeletal forms.
June 19, 7:30pm

The Queen's Cartoonists

June 18, 7pm

Kyle Motl
Solo Contrabass

June 17, 8pm

4X Jazz Collective

June 16, 8pm

Eishin Nose and Satoshi Takeishi

June 7, 8pm

Alan Good and H2F2

June 10, 8pm
facebook event

Michele Kennedy and Dashon Burton

Songs composed by Aaron Siegel
June 12, 8pm

Myla Kato-Duvally and Melanie Chirignan

June 4, 6:30pm


Out of the Loop
A new concept album in collaboration with Bungalow and Cisum Percussion
with music by Michael Pooler and Nicholas V. Hall
June 3, 8pm
facebook event

Tom Kotik
The Architecture of Sound
Opening Reception June 2, 6-8pm

Tom Kotik Trio
A short concert for his art opening
June 2, 7:30pm

Teodora Stepancic and Celine Mogielnicki

May 19, 8pm

David Whitwell and Cliodna Shanahan

May 17, 7:30pm

Cisum Percussion

A set of original/arranged music by Catherine Brookman
All Experiences Come and Go by Nicholas V. Hall
Motion no. 7 by Nicholas V. Hall
Babybot by Andrea Mazzariello
Quartet by Michael Laurello (World Premiere)
May 16, 7pm

Kate Amrine and Jake Elkin

May 14, 7:30pm
see event

AMP Trio and Andy Clausen

May 13, 8pm
see event
New York City Jazz Record Review

Ammon Swinbank

May 12, 7pm

Ben Roidl-Ward and Will Overcash

May 9, 8pm

Mente Clara

May 7, 7pm

The Thicket

Sundry acts in a casual and neighborly setting
May 5, 8pm

Mica Poerio

May 6, 3:30pm

Kate Barmontina

May 7, 3pm


April 28, 7:30pm
see event

April 29, 7pm

D.Edward Davis and Erik Carlson

April 21, 8pm

Katie Dukes, Alice Jones, Michael Walker, Kim Carballo

April 22, 8pm
more info

Music Now!

Music Now!
Ras Moshe Burnett -Reeds, Matt Lavelle -Trumpet, Dave Ross -Guitar
John Pietaro -Percussion, Charles Downs -Drums
Lindsey Wilson & The Human Hearts Trio
Lindsey Wilson -Guitar and Vocal, Reggie Sylvester -Drums, Michael Trotman -Bass
Lindsey Wilson
Music Now!
Daniel Carter -Reeds, Ras Moshe Burnett -Reeds, David First -Guitar & Electronics
Hill Greene -Bass, Larry Roland -Bass
Matt Lavelle's 12 Houses Big Band
Matt Lavelle -Trumpet & Bass Clarinet, Art Baron -Trombone
Charles Waters -Alto Sax, Lee Odom -Reeds, Ras Moshe Burnett -Reeds
Nicole Davis -Trumpet, Alex Hamburger -Baritone Sax
Anais Maviel -Voice, Chris Forbes -Piano, Tom Cabrera -Drums
Jack DeSalvo -Guitar, Aku Styx -Rap Vocals
April 15, 7pm

James Johnston and Vadim Serebryany

Music of Schubert for solo and four hands piano
April 16, 8pm

Sunday Jazz at Scholes Street Studio
Blaise Siwula and Luciano Troja

April 9, 7pm
see review in The New York City Jazz Record

Cameron West

April 14, 8pm


April 8, 8pm

Andrew Noseworthy, Phong Tran and Aaron Garcia

April 2, 6pm

David Acker and Rubens Salles

April 1, 8pm

New Music from Morningside Heights

March 31, 8pm

Jazz Sundays at Scholes Street Studio
4X Collective Jazz Series

March 26, 12:30pm

The Thicket

The Thicket is a performance series featuring sundry acts in a casual and neighborly setting.
March 25, 8pm

Nils Karsten
The Wall, woodblock prints
Opening Reception

Art Opening Reception March 19, 5-8pm

with piano performance by Karl Larson
Scott Wollschleger: Dark Days (Premiere)
Frederic Rzewski: Down By the Riverside from Four North American Ballads
Gyorgy Ligeti: Etude no. 6 - Autumn in Warsaw
Hear Dark Days performance

Morton Feldman’s ‘Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
Karl Larson (piano), Josie Davis (Violin), Kate Outterbridge (Viola), and Zan Berry (Cello)

March 18, 8pm
press release



KEN THOMPSON, bass clarinet
JOE BERGEN, vibraphone
March 15, 8:30
more info

Kate Dreyfuss

March 12, 7pm

Jazz Sundays at Scholes Street Studio
4X Collective Jazz Series

February 26, 12:30pm

Conrad Winslow, Andie Springer and Aaron Roche

February 25, 8pm
facebook event

Composers Now Festival
Songs Against Violent Leadership

February 24, 8pm

Jessica Ackerley Trio

album release
February 18

Coalesce is Jessica Ackerley Trio‘s first release, and it’s a great avant-garde jazz album! With both composition and improvisation, the album throws your way challenging pieces between free jazz and avant-garde rock. This, of course, leads to a tremendously appealing record that fascinates and tribulates.
Mini-Reviews LX by Dæv Tremblay

Nadya Meykson, violin
Andrey Tchekmazov, cello
Victoria Schwartzman, piano

Alban Berg, piano sonata op. 1
Alfred Schnittke, Congratulatory Rondo for violin and piano
Shostakovich, Piano trio No. 2 in E-minor, Op. 67
February 17, 8pm

Alex Perry Quintet

February 11, 8pm

Halcyon Chamber Music Series

February 10, 8 pm

Benjamin Sutin
Elijah Shiffer

February 4, 8pm

The Thicket

February 3, 8pm

Echo Chamber benefit concert

January 28, 7 pm
see facebook event

4X Collective Jazz Series

January 21, 7pm

(Justine Aronson and Sarah Goldfeather

January 15, 7pm

James Johnston

January 14, 8pm

The Bowers Fader Duo
Jessica Bowers, mezzo-soprano
Oren Fader, guitar

Featuring new works written for the Duo by
Paul Salerni, Judith Sainte Croix, Frank Brickle,
Randall Woolf, Melissa Grey, David Claman, and Martin Rokeach

January 8, 3pm

Quartetto Tomassini

Quartetto Tomassini is coming to Scholes Street Studio with original arrangements of Astor Piazzolla, beloved popular tangos and American standards. This dynamic line up proves that it is possible to have it all with just 4 strings, taking the audience on an unforgettable journey, with a unique sound that combines classical harmonization, a strong Latin beat and improvisation.
January 7, 8pm

Cornelius Eady Trio
Jasmine Dreame Wagner

January 6, 7pm
see facebook event

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