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Paul Campbell
September 3 to November 6, 2016

Scholes Street Studio, a rehearsal, recording and concert space for chamber, classical new, improvised, electronic and jazz music, will present exhibitions of art that relates to music or sound. This encompasses art works that engage music directly or make music their subject matter; works inspired or informed by music; or works that simply have a musical or lyrical sensibility.

For its inaugural exhibition Scholes Street Studio is pleased to present paintings by Paul Campbell, a Brooklyn based artist known for his exuberant expressionistic abstract artworks.

What makes Campbell's work unique is his use of quasi-mechanical techniques to generate part of the imagery. He rolls or drops paint-covered tennis or koosh balls in rhythmic manner on his canvas; remotely drives robotic cars or toys through pans of paint and onto the canvas lying on the floor, leaving tire treads and lines of vibrant loops and curves; flicks arching and drooping paint-laden strings as well as other arms-length methods to create preliminary marks and gestures. Then, with brush in hand, he paints in, around and over the initial image, creating layers of energetic improvisation and harmonious passages.

Like many musicians working today who prefer to improvise and respond interactively with other musicians or with generated sounds rather than perform a written composition, Paul Campbell's process of making a painting is more like performance than composition. It is this performative aspect that gives his works the feel of movement, of dynamic form. A Campbell painting insists that you follow the marks and lines as they plop and pop and loop around the canvas in dizzying resonance.

Paul Campbell Studio

Opening September 15, 7-9
with music by
Joey Fish

Joey Fish is a composer and guitarist based in Brooklyn who plays bands and presents solo performances of improvised songs or performs duo with electronic music. His music consists of live-looping improvised guitar and vocals layered over chord progressions. Live-Looping is recording and layering each step of a performance in front of an audience to create a song or concert in-situ.

For this performance Joey Fish will be triggering a catalog of pre-orchestrated rhythms and adding improvisational guitar and lyrics to them live. While the backing rhythms are predetermined to an extent, the organic additions are spontaneous and inspired by his life and journey, including this gallery installation. All of the rhythms were composed by Joey and his team of producers including Benjamin White, Mike Levine and David "Skape" Craig.

Joey Fish: The British Bridges Aleatoric Lunacy, 7/20/2016 - video

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