Rehearsing Bojan Vuletic's RecomposingArt VI: 'Guernica'
for a performance at Spectrum, 9/21 - 7pm

Rehearsing Bojan Vuletic's
RecomposingArt V:
'Metamorphasis / A Report to an Academy'

for a performance at Pioneer Works
with the composer present

Bojan Vuletic rehearsing

Mariel Roberts, Bojan Vuletic

Matt Moran

Olivia de Prato

Nate Wooley

Bojan Vuletic

Ingrid Laubrock
- saxophone
Matt Moran
- vibraphone
Nate Wooley – trumpet
Dan Pack - tuba
MIVOS quartet
Olivia de Prato – violin
Joshua Modney - violin
Lauren Couley - violin
Victor Lowrie - viola
Mariel Roberts - cello

Bojan Vuletic - composition